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    August 4th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    Impact the mood of your home with color. Before you select a wallpaper, carpet, furniture upholstery and paint think about the Color Finder. The Color Finder can help your home interior design be pulled together more effectively. Find colors that complement, contrast and that make your house feel more like home.

    Color Finder Interior Design

    To find harmonious colors you will look at adjacent colors, such as blue and green. Harmonious colors will create a contrast that is visually pleasing.

    Complementary colors such as green and red are opposite on the Color Finder. Using complementary colors in interior design can often being unpleasing and leave a space feeling uncomfortable. Successfully using complementary colors requires that one of the colors be used in a lighter value such as an small accent.

    That is just a start in how to use the Color Finder when choosing paint colors for your home.

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