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  • Setting the Mood With Color

    August 6th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    In our last post we talked about color and its effect on the mood of a space. I want to continue with that topic and start talking about how specific colors will impact a room.

    Find Your Colors

    Red is a color that will increase the energry and enthusiasm in a room. It is a great color to generate excitement especially in an evening party setting.

    • increases energy and enthusiasm
    • excitement
    • confidence
    • works well as an accent due to its intensity
    • could make it harder to concentrate
    • a bold stroke can encourage attention to detail

    Orange is an adventurous, bold and daring color choice for a room.

    • cheerful, daring, bold, adventurous, spontaneous
    • confident and independent
    • raises creativity and enthusiasm
    • reported to stimulate lung, respiration and digestion in young children
    • tauted to increase milk production in new mothers
    • shown to raise IQ up to twelve points
    • consider it for an exercise room or playroom

    Yellow is the most visible color and captures the joy of sunshine and happiness.

    • encourages optimism, enlightenment and communication
    • stimulates mental activity and memory
    • may assist in concentration and memorization
    • research in some cases has shown babies cry more in yellow rooms
    • further studies found couples argue most in yellow kitchens

    Green is considered to be the most restful and refreshing color for your eyes.

    • peaceful, restful, hope, comfort, balance and harmony
    • sense of safety and security
    • good color for preemies
    • strengthens eyesight
    • can help alleviate depression and nervousness

    Blue is a constant, representing the sky and ocean, and is often used to create a tranquil and peaceful setting.

    • soothing, calming, peaceful
    • encourages trustworthiness, commitment and dependability
    • can help decrease heart rate
    • darker blues might invoke sadness

    Purple is a rich and uplifting color that brings about sophistication.

    • sense of calmness
    • promotes inner strength
    • creativity and artisitic
    • associated with royalty, respect and authority
    • may calm colicky babies
    • can provide soothing for ears, eyes and nervous system.

    Pink is often associated with femininity and innocence.

    • sweet, calming, innocence
    • youthfulness, softness, kindness
    • helps to heal sadness
    • encourages individuals to be in touch with their feelings

    Brown is tied to the earth and represents nature.

    • very grounding color
    • natural and organic
    • feelings of order and reliability
    • stability and wholeness

    Black is a grounding and submissive color.

    • makes room smaller for cozy feeling
    • strengthens focus
    • small black accents can help ground other colors

    White is a pure and joyous color.

    • cleanliness and new beginnings
    • clear thinking and clarity
    • balance and harmony
    • commonly used to treat depression
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