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    August 24th, 2016VaughnInterior Paint Design

    Picking the right kitchen paint colors not only depends on the cabinet, counter-top and floor finishes but on the overall look you are after. The color of the wall will drastically change the appearance of a kitchen regardless of the types of surfaces used. Choosing a dark color will bring in a very different mood then a light and bright color.

    Start off by finding all the colors you love. Perhaps you have already done this in other rooms in the house. Pull out your Color Finder chart and find your favorite colors. From there narrow down the selection to two or three colors. Make sure to get samples of each color either the swatches or buy some of the testers and paint part of the wall or a small art canvas that you can place in the kitchen.

    Make sure to see the kitchen paint colors in different light settings and different hours of the day. You want something that looks inviting in the morning and also something that is attractive in the evening under your kitchen lights.

    Finally, go with your gut, pick your kitchen paint color and get it up. If all else fails as with all paint selection it can be undone usually for a small price of another gallon of paint.

    Many people spend hours in or around the kitchen each day. So be adventurous with your kitchen paint colors creating something fun and inspiring for when you are making the kids sandwiches or if you are throwing a dinner party.

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    August 9th, 2016VaughnColor Inspiration

    Are you trying to figure out the perfect color combination? Not sure where to even start on the Color Finder when picking out the color combination for your next interior design project? Wondering how to take the colors of your favorite hotel or packaging and turn it into inspiration palette. Well if you have an iPhone theres an app for that.

    Color Palettes from your Photos

    CliqCliq has an app Colors, that is amazingly useful. Just snap a photo with your iPhone and Colors will extract the colors from the photo to give you all the details about the colors in the photo. From RGB to CMYK you will now have the information to find out how to recreate your favorite hotel lobby color scheme or take the colors from an inspirational product packaging and bring it home.

    Colors is available for download for $2.99.

    CliqCliq Colors Photo Color Extractor

    Color Finder and PANTONE® App

    Code Line has created a great iPhone app, Color Expert, that allows you to play with the Color Finder or flip through a digital PANTONE book anytime you have a little inspiration or time. Use a color extractor, tweak the Color Finder, save palettes, email them and find out the PANTONE number of your favorite colors so you can order them as paints.

    Color Expert is a $9.99 download but since it includes a PANTONE swatch book and values it might be worth it for you interior designers.

    Color Expert App Menu

    Color Finder Apps

    There are probably more apps out there but these two are a great example of how technology is allowing you to have color inspiration anywhere and make sure you capture it to use in your interior design project later.

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