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    August 10th, 2016VaughnBathroom Paint

    When painting a bathroom you need to consider several key factors. Additionally you will also need to consider your personal tastes.

    Determine Size of Bathroom to Paint

    Determining the size of the bathroom you are preparing to paint is important. A small 2-piece bathroom requires different painting than if you were painting a grand master suite bathroom.

    Small Bathroom Paint

    A smaller 2-piece bathroom might call for lighter paint to make the room feel larger and less like a small cave. Consider horizontal or vertical striping with two shades of the same color or a soft blue and a neutral tan.

    Medium Bathroom Paint

    In a medium sized bathroom, probably a shared bath with 1 sink, a toilet and a shower-tub, you have more freedom. You can go light or dark here depending on windows, lighting choices and colors of tiles or cabinets already in place. You want to find a good balance to not be all dark or all bright. If your bathroom is being used by kids consider a bathroom with brighter colors to energize and be youthful.

    Master Bathroom Paint

    In a master bathroom paint can be used to set a romantic or spa like mood. This is your chance to create an escape for yourself or your client. Again you have the entire Color Finder to pick your paint colors from in a large bathroom.

    Best Paint for Bathrooms

    Make sure when buying your bathroom paint that you ask the store associate for the best finish and brand. Some lines offer more moisture controls to protect against mold and mildew in a high moisture room like a bathroom.

    Choosing Your Color

    There is no right or wrong color for a bathroom. The bathroom paint should connect to the surrounding spaces so that you feel like you have a cohesive home. However light or dark, warm or cold, neurtal or bold, your bathroom paint can be any color you choose. Consider your cabinet and surface finishes then find coordinating colors that you enjoy. This is a space you and your guests will use regularly. Once you find the predominant color you want grab your friendly Color Finder to start finding complimentary or contrasting colors to finish off the decorating with fabrics or flowers in your bathroom.

    Bathroom Paint Inspiration

    Consider using the HGTV galleries or Flickr for inspiration. Here is the link to HGTV,

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