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    August 18th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    Color Finder interior design is all about using the Color Finder to bring your interior design to a new level. Make sure your paint works with the fabrics and the decorations in the room. Here are 3 reasons why we think using Color Finder interior design in your next space works.

    Setting the Mood

    Setting the mood with color is all about understanding how each color affects those in the space. I like to make a kitchen feel light and bright. Especially if you enjoy being in the kitchen cooking a lot.  Most cooks want to have lots of lighting and bright cheerful colors. Creating a romantic master bedroom, try warmer colors that can set the mood with dim lighting at night for a relaxing retreat.

    Make the Space Yours

    Interior design isnt just about what is trendy. Consider your favorite colors and then go from there. Understanding the complimentary and contrasting colors can allow you to take your favorite color and build a palette of colors for your space. From interior paint colors to the upholstery of your sofa to the rug. These items need to tie together through the use of a cohesive color scheme that you get by using the Color Finder. By using your favorite colors the space will feel more like yours and most likely more comfortable for you.

    Inspire Others

    Have you ever walked into a room and just been inspired by the space? When you take color and use it in your interior design correctly you can inspire those that come into your space. From generating conversation to creating excitement a properly designed space can allow for a more vibrant dining room for better parties or a living room that all your guests love. What is better than designing something that in turn inspires someone else to go out and try to design their own perfect space.

    Keep learning about the Color Finder and the way color affects moods and you will be using the Color Finder interior design in your next room design.

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