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    August 12th, 2016VaughnColor Finder Chart

    One of the best tools for selecting paint or fabric colors for a room is the Color Finder. Color Finder interior design is all about using color theory to design a home or office effectively. Color speaks volumes when you enter a space and using the information of a Color Finder interior design becomes so much more successful.

    Color Theory Chart

    Sometimes it is hard to remember every detail of the Color Finder, especially for beginners in interior design, makeup or even graphic design.

    The folks over at Paper Leaf have created an amazing graphic Color Finder Chart to help you navigate the Color Finder. From CMYK for printing to RGB for digital design you are covered. This is a great quick reference you should print out stick on your bulletin board, keep in your design notebook or just save as your computer desktop wallpaper.

    Color Finder Chart Poster (

    Free Color Finder Chart Download

    Download Courtesy of

    Click to download the pdf that is ideal for printing Color Theory Printout (pdf).

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