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    August 18th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    Color Finder interior design is all about using the Color Finder to bring your interior design to a new level. Make sure your paint works with the fabrics and the decorations in the room. Here are 3 reasons why we think using Color Finder interior design in your next space works.

    Setting the Mood

    Setting the mood with color is all about understanding how each color affects those in the space. I like to make a kitchen feel light and bright. Especially if you enjoy being in the kitchen cooking a lot.  Most cooks want to have lots of lighting and bright cheerful colors. Creating a romantic master bedroom, try warmer colors that can set the mood with dim lighting at night for a relaxing retreat.

    Make the Space Yours

    Interior design isnt just about what is trendy. Consider your favorite colors and then go from there. Understanding the complimentary and contrasting colors can allow you to take your favorite color and build a palette of colors for your space. From interior paint colors to the upholstery of your sofa to the rug. These items need to tie together through the use of a cohesive color scheme that you get by using the Color Finder. By using your favorite colors the space will feel more like yours and most likely more comfortable for you.

    Inspire Others

    Have you ever walked into a room and just been inspired by the space? When you take color and use it in your interior design correctly you can inspire those that come into your space. From generating conversation to creating excitement a properly designed space can allow for a more vibrant dining room for better parties or a living room that all your guests love. What is better than designing something that in turn inspires someone else to go out and try to design their own perfect space.

    Keep learning about the Color Finder and the way color affects moods and you will be using the Color Finder interior design in your next room design.

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    August 13th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    We are planning some upcoming interior design projects and wanted to find some inspiration and see what some ideas looked like. Well rather than buy some furniture, paint and reupholster and then realize we didnt like the look we turned to Google Images and Flickr to search for completed projects.

    We wanted to see others attempt at a white dining room set, and look how quickly we got some inspiration.

    Next time you are trying to find inspiration for a interior paint design project consider using a quick image search at Google.

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    August 12th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    Are you trying to find the perfect color inspiration from fabric? I like to start out by going to etsy and searching the fabric supplies. You can browse the entire catalog of fabric for sale by yard or fat quarters. There is new, vintage, reclaimed and more. Find the perfect pattern and color and then you can select your interior paint colors based on the fabric you choose.

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    August 6th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    In our last post we talked about color and its effect on the mood of a space. I want to continue with that topic and start talking about how specific colors will impact a room.

    Find Your Colors

    Red is a color that will increase the energry and enthusiasm in a room. It is a great color to generate excitement especially in an evening party setting.

    • increases energy and enthusiasm
    • excitement
    • confidence
    • works well as an accent due to its intensity
    • could make it harder to concentrate
    • a bold stroke can encourage attention to detail

    Orange is an adventurous, bold and daring color choice for a room.

    • cheerful, daring, bold, adventurous, spontaneous
    • confident and independent
    • raises creativity and enthusiasm
    • reported to stimulate lung, respiration and digestion in young children
    • tauted to increase milk production in new mothers
    • shown to raise IQ up to twelve points
    • consider it for an exercise room or playroom

    Yellow is the most visible color and captures the joy of sunshine and happiness.

    • encourages optimism, enlightenment and communication
    • stimulates mental activity and memory
    • may assist in concentration and memorization
    • research in some cases has shown babies cry more in yellow rooms
    • further studies found couples argue most in yellow kitchens

    Green is considered to be the most restful and refreshing color for your eyes.

    • peaceful, restful, hope, comfort, balance and harmony
    • sense of safety and security
    • good color for preemies
    • strengthens eyesight
    • can help alleviate depression and nervousness

    Blue is a constant, representing the sky and ocean, and is often used to create a tranquil and peaceful setting.

    • soothing, calming, peaceful
    • encourages trustworthiness, commitment and dependability
    • can help decrease heart rate
    • darker blues might invoke sadness

    Purple is a rich and uplifting color that brings about sophistication.

    • sense of calmness
    • promotes inner strength
    • creativity and artisitic
    • associated with royalty, respect and authority
    • may calm colicky babies
    • can provide soothing for ears, eyes and nervous system.

    Pink is often associated with femininity and innocence.

    • sweet, calming, innocence
    • youthfulness, softness, kindness
    • helps to heal sadness
    • encourages individuals to be in touch with their feelings

    Brown is tied to the earth and represents nature.

    • very grounding color
    • natural and organic
    • feelings of order and reliability
    • stability and wholeness

    Black is a grounding and submissive color.

    • makes room smaller for cozy feeling
    • strengthens focus
    • small black accents can help ground other colors

    White is a pure and joyous color.

    • cleanliness and new beginnings
    • clear thinking and clarity
    • balance and harmony
    • commonly used to treat depression
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    August 5th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    You no doubt have heard that color can affect your mood and thoughts. Color will affect you in many ways and depends on many factors including age, gender, local climate and other factors. Most colors have a similar affect a wide range of people, but keep in mind there are always people who are the exceptions, so apply these as general rules.

    Choosing Interior Paint Colors

    Dont be tricked into picking the trendy colors. Start with colors you actually enjoy. Then you take those colors and work to make combinations and palettes that are pleasant and inspiring in your home.

    You want to start by asking what is the mood you want to create in the room? Then find out which colors will help achieve this mood and the setting you desire in your home.

    Keep in mind if you dont first succeed with your interior paint selection, paint is inexpensive and can be changed in an afternoon. So dont be too afraid to push your boundaries to find something that really creates the perfect mood in your home.

    Colors and Mood

    The interior paint design and your choice of color can affect you in basically three ways. Color will be active, passive or neutral. Find the right mix to match the desired room setting and you will be on your way to designing the perfect room.

    Color Finder Inspiration

    Consider the Color Finder or just start looking through your favorite magazines or blogs to find colors that appeal to your eye. Save them in a folder or get paint samples from your local hardware store. Take pictures of packaging that you find attractive, ask your friends what colors they used if you enjoy the mood setting in their home.

    Finding color inspiration in the places and things you do everyday is just the start to designing your home with the perfect color selections.


    Keep following our blog to find out more about the colors on the Color Finder and how they impact your mood and the setting in your home. Whether it is a strong red that can raise the energy level and add excitement to any evening or if it is a deep purple that adds sophistication and depth color can alter your mood and make you enjoy spending time in a particular room more than others.

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    August 4th, 2016VaughnInterior Design

    Impact the mood of your home with color. Before you select a wallpaper, carpet, furniture upholstery and paint think about the Color Finder. The Color Finder can help your home interior design be pulled together more effectively. Find colors that complement, contrast and that make your house feel more like home.

    Color Finder Interior Design

    To find harmonious colors you will look at adjacent colors, such as blue and green. Harmonious colors will create a contrast that is visually pleasing.

    Complementary colors such as green and red are opposite on the Color Finder. Using complementary colors in interior design can often being unpleasing and leave a space feeling uncomfortable. Successfully using complementary colors requires that one of the colors be used in a lighter value such as an small accent.

    That is just a start in how to use the Color Finder when choosing paint colors for your home.

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